Native Texan Livin': A Week's Worth of Celebrations

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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Week's Worth of Celebrations

Once again....I'm a week behind!  But that's OK because that means I was busy living life, right?!  We've been chocked full of reasons to celebrate around here lately...

Friday 5/1/15, Izzy had her field day at school.  Second grade still only has field day for a half-day & it turned out to be a beautiful morning!  Our field day was 8:30am-10:30am so we were back in before it got TOO hot.

But first....lemme take a selfie!  No one ever gets sick of hearing that, do they? ;-)

Long legs much?!?!  Check out Izzy's form as she crosses her first hurdle & kicks the soccer ball!!!

Saturday morning 5/2/15, Izzy received her First Communion at church.  It was such a special event & she did so well...she didn't drop the host & swallowed the wine without wincing too much. ;-)

Saturday night, Becca, Izzy, Maggie & Bella performed in the high school's Spring Show.  This was Bec's last performance as a high school cheerleader.  Maggie, Izzy & Bella participated in the drill team clinic a few weeks ago, & the participants get an invitation to perform in the Spring Show.  This was our 2nd year to do it & the girls seem to really enjoy it!

Tuesday 5/5/15, Maggie had her preschool end of year program & graduation.  The kids did so good singing, dancing & bell ringing!  All the "graduating 4's" got a graduation cap to wear at the end & walk across the stage to get their certificate.  So cute!!!  We are going to miss Mrs. Newman & Mrs. Linda more than they know!  Between Izzy & Maggie, they've been our teachers for 5 amazing years!
Before the program

Maggie was SO excited when she spotted us in the crowd!

Maggie with her BFF Brynley

Blast from the past....Izzy & Mrs. Newman
Maggie & Mrs. Newman
Maggie, Mrs. Linda & Izzy
This was clearly the best pic they could get of Maggie! :-)

Wednesday 5/6/15, we picked up the newest members of our family.  Meet Brownie & Sunflower...Sunny for short.  Fingers crossed these babies are hens & we get some farm fresh eggs from them. :-)

Thursday 5/7/15, I registered last, for Kindergarten.  Cue the waterworks. ;-)  Nah, not yet.  That was only paperwork day.  Talk to me in August & it'll be a different story.  A senior in high school & a Kindergartner....I'm gonna be a mess next year!  You've been warned! :-)

Not at all in dress code...but we have the summer to get it right! :-)

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