Native Texan Livin': Building a Chicken Coop

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Building a Chicken Coop

We still have high hopes our 2 chicks will be hens!  Our little ladies are getting their feathers & wanting to fly a bit & will be outgrowing their brooder pretty soon, so we went ahead & built their coop this past weekend.

We had a basic idea in mind of what we wanted, so Bo & my dad gathered all the supplies & got to work.

Bo & my dad got lots of help from little hands. :-)  Some of my favorite memories growing up were when I helped my dad build fences & do things outside, so hopefully the girls will always remember getting to help build their own chicken coop! :-)

They were done with the frame in record time.  The dads rolled the coop to the back while the girls relax in the pool!  Being an apprentice is hard work! :-)

Sunday, we all went out to paint the coop while Bo got the rest of the plywood needed for the coop walls.

Have paint, will use it!

Lunch break in the coop

Bevo was curious as to what we were up to.  He hasn't really met his new buddies yet but will soon.  Do you like how we work?...lunch on the AC to grab as we walk by (& prob w/ a little saw dust), my camera & phone at the ready & Bevo not knowing what the heck was going on! :-)

Families who build & paint together, stay together! :-)

Izzy likes to paint upside down. ;-)  Nah...just making sure the ramp's fully covered.

Linoleum floor for the coop.  Their nesting boxes will be to the right.

TADA!  Coop Complete!  The entire structure is 8' wide x 4' deep, with the coop being 3' wide x 4' deep.  The back supports are 5' tall & the front supports are 4' tall.  Bo added the tin sheets for the roof & we are D-U-N  DONE!

All in all we only spent $120.  Which I don't think is too bad for how big the coop is.  The last things left to do are add the chicken wire around all open areas, build the nesting box inside & move it against the house for its permanent location.

Hatch to access the nesting box where we HOPE to have eggs one day! :-)

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