Native Texan Livin': Destin Diaries ~ Day 3 & 4

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Destin Diaries ~ Day 3 & 4

Monday we woke up bright & early to head over to the pontoon boat we rented for the day.  We loaded up sandwiches, chips, beer & our fishing poles & headed out.

Bo was our sexy Captain for the day.  We tooled around in the pontoon for a while before stopping to fish & swim for a bit.

Everyone picked their spot on the boat to fish on...and even though I wore my fishing shirt...Valerie was the only one that caught anything. ;-)

Once we were done fishing, we headed for Crab Island & all the kids got a chance to drive the boat!  They were all so happy but I think their favorite part was simply honking the horn.

Welcome to Crab Island!  This area is so cool!  There are floating rock walls, jumpys, grill boats & pontoons everywhere!  Everyone anchors next to the Destin bridge & the water is only waist deep so you can just jump in from your boat.  We didn't do any of the floating activities since it was gonna be more trouble than fun with these kids, but they still had a blast.

The kids favorite part of Crab Island was the Ice Cream Boat!  A boat drives around with a cooler full of dry ice & popsicles & ice cream sandwiches.  It was so refreshing to eat after being in the sun all day.

After a long hot day in the water, we went back to the condos & ordered pizza for dinner.  We were pooped & all crashed early.

Tuesday morning, we trekked over to The Track, which is right across the street from our condo.  We all had fun racing go-karts & bumper boats!

From there, we headed over to Fudpucker's for lunch.  Fudpucker's has lots of alligators in their Gator Beach & you can even feed them.  A bag of food is $3 & you get 4 pellets.  You attach the food pellet to a very high-tech feeding rod of a pole, rope & a bobby pin! :-)  Clip the food in between the bobby pin & dangle it in front of the gator's mouth & it'll come up to snatch it!

After we fed the gators, we got to take pictures with one!  This one is about 3 years old & after my girls got their pics taken, Julie's kids went in & it decided to pee on Bella!  Needless to say, she was NOT happy about that! (but we got a good laugh about it!) :-)

For dinner, we went down to Harbourwalk.  Once thing to always remember in Destin...there's always traffic at dinner time!  We left way too late for dinner to be sat timely with a party of 13.  Bo dropped us off at the front of the restaurant & then he drove around for almost 2 hours looking for a place to park.

While we waited to eat, we walked around the Harbourwalk.  Tuesday night was Mardi Gras night so there was a New Orleans style band & some Mardi Gras characters like these tall guys & a lady painted all in silver who doesn't a statue.

We caught the sunset on the docks before heading back to the restaurant.

We waited 2 hours for a table at Margaritaville, which left a lot to be desired. This area is beautiful but I probably wouldn't go back to this specific restaurant again.

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