Native Texan Livin': Surviving a Road Trip With Kids (w/ Printables)

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Surviving a Road Trip With Kids (w/ Printables)

I wrote earlier this week about some of our essentials we're bringing to Destin from home, but FIRST, we have to survive the car ride there!

I've compiled a list of things we CANNOT leave home without in hopes to survive the car ride!

DVD's, Wireless Headphones & extra batteries
Love the kids.  Love the movies.  Sometimes need a break.  Pop in a movie & plop on those wireless headphones.  Since headphones don't come with a % meter showing how much battery juice is left, it's safer to bring extra batteries...lest we have to listen to their movies through the car speakers for 9 hours!

apple sauce pouches
chex mix
granola bars
fruit snacks
juice boxes
milk boxes

Bucket for car w/ plastic bags
This will be our longest car ride to date with all the kids!  And while we have scheduled stops planned, I don't want have an emergency in the car should an emergency come up...from either end, if you catch my drift!

"Are we there yet?"
We could've literally just gotten on the freeway & Maggie will ask the dreaded question..."Are we there yet?" or "How much longer til we're there?"  In attempts to avoid this question, I'm going to set up a road map on the interior side of car & place a car pic on a small clothespin to move across the map.  I marked certain cities/states we'll be passing through or stopping at & the kids can move the car as time passes or as we pass specific spots.  I'll attach the road map with velcro dots so the interior doesn't get messed up.

Road trip games
I made the 6 little kids a folder full of activity sheets that they can work on during their car ride.  I put each sheet in a sheet protector so they could use a dry erase marker to do their activity.  Then, they can erase their answers & re-do it later if they want.  I found a 6 pack of these markers with an eraser already attached to it at Walmart.  Perfect!

The printables included are:
- dot to dot sheets & mazes (found {HERE})
- handwriting & cursive practice sheets (found {HERE})
- I-Spy printable  (You can download my printable {HERE})
- Slug Bug printable (I found this printable {HERE})  We called this game Punch Buggy
  growing up & we'd punch the other person's arm when we spotted a VW Bug.  THAT won't be
  happening in the car (fingers crossed!), but hopefully they'll be able to spot some bugs on the road to
  mark their sheets.

bag of chargers
Again...whatever will keep little people busy!

Essentials bag
This bag will go with me EVERYWHERE!  I pretty much have all of this in my purse at any given moment, but now it'll be nice & organized in one spot.  Here is what I'll be loading it with:
- bandaids
- neosporin
- tylenol & ibuprofen (kids & adult)
- ponytail holders
- tweezers & little scissors
- mini sewing kit
- purell gel &/or wipes
- pen/pencil
- small notepad
- grocery bags folded up small in a ziplock (for trash or unexpected dirty clothes)

Now, I have to make sure all of this makes it into the car before we leave, but just in case...
"Anything we can't buy, we'll make.  Anything we can't make, we'll steal!" (name that movie! Hint: It's one of the best movies in the world!)  What are your essentials for surviving a car ride?

* Header photo credit to Graela on Flickr.

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