Native Texan Livin': Correcting someone - Rude or Rude NOT to?

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Correcting someone - Rude or Rude NOT to?

I'm specifically talking grammar here.  If you write something that the masses will read...or even ONE person, would you want to know you made a grammatical error?

My mom, sisters & I are big spelling/grammar/punctuation nerds.  Actually, it's just 1 of my sisters...sorry other know who you are. ;-)  (She knows we tease & she's super smart & some people think she's funny!) ;-)

Anywhoooo, even on this blog, I know I'm guilty of writing the way I talk.  Starting a sentence with "but" & "and" ...using lots of (...) instead of commas...mostly because it makes me look cool. ;-)  ...but I'm doing it on purpose.  What if someone truly doesn't know they've made a mistake, even just a simple one?

No one likes criticism...or to be critiqued.  But even if it'll hurt my pride for about 2 seconds because I should've known better, I'd want to know.  As a side note, I also want to know if I have food in my teeth or a booger hanging out of my nose.  Again, I'd do a 2 second OMG mini-freak out from embarrassment but then I'd be fine.

Now, I'm not talking about contacting the news stations when something on their news story is misspelled (b/c that actually happens pretty often), but I'm talking about friends, family, teachers, your super close internet friends who also write blogs & you pretend are your besties. :-)

I read things all the time where someone hasn't used the right form of "I" or "me"... For example: "My sisters and me are going to the store."  WRONG!  Or, "My friends & I's plans have changed."  Really?  Surely I'm not the only one who cringes when reading that!

A while back,  I saw a poster at school that a teacher made & it basically looked like this:
I mean...sometimes I just don't even have words.  The second I saw it I was like, "is this for real?"  I read it about 5 times to make sure I wasn't crazy & then I took a picture of it, sent it to both of my sisters & the one thought the other funny one wrote it!  haha J/K  But really....come on!

My friend shared this on Facebook this morning & I thought it was so fitting for this post...

In the end, you're probably not gonna get anything from me unless you're my sister or if you've asked me to proofread something for you.  Mainly because I don't want you to hate me. :-)

Do you cringe when reading stuff on the internet?  Would your friends want you to tell them they made a grammatical error?


  1. I would tell them if it was something obviously misspelled and I didn't want them to look like a dummy. On the other hand, if it was a simple mistake, and I knew what they meant, like in your third paragraph, end of second sentence, you meant to say " ...but I'm doing IT on purpose." I know you were just typing too fast and everyone will read it the RIGHT way anyway because the brain is able to do that! So, I'm with ya' and I gotcha' ... OR maybe you set me up! ;) Have a great day my talented niece! Love you to the moon and back!!!

    1. Touche Auntie J....but I don't know what you're talking about because there's no mistake there. ;-) Just kidding...I fixed it. THANK YOU for the correction! :-)

  2. Oh OK I thought "what mistake"? I agree with you . . .