Native Texan Livin': Happy 11 Year Anniversary Bo!!!

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy 11 Year Anniversary Bo!!!

Happy anniversary to my ONE & ONLY Bo!

13 years ago you were my friend at work.
13 years ago I stalked you to "your bar" while out celebrating my birthday.
13 years ago you kissed me in your truck in the Taco Cabana parking lot.
13 years ago I knew with absolute certainty that I wanted to marry you.
13 years ago you became mine.

You've given me unconditional love, smiles, laughter, babies, homes, love notes, made me lots of coffee & have given me a wonderful life.

You were made for every aspect of every way.  I love you so much & this is just a snippet of why...

I love you so much sweetheart!

Here's to 11 more least 8 more times! :-x


  1. About made me cry. Very sweet!

  2. Awe! Sweet romance! Keep fanning the flames! Happy Anniversary Lauren and Bo! Here's to many more! Love, Auntie J

  3. Happy Anniversary to you Lovebirds!