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Monday, August 24, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Hello School Year

I think it's safe to say our kids have had a good summer.  2 rounds of VBS, a week in Destin, trips to the beach, multiple playdates, lots of swimming, visiting family & friends in town & out...& otherwise hanging out with me. :-)  But, all good things must come to an end & today their new adventures start.

I wrote {this post} 3 years ago when Izzy was going into Kindergarten & Bec was going to be a Freshman.  For reals...where has the time gone?!?!

My baby is starting Kindergarten today.  Maggie is so excited to be going to school with Izzy this year!  She met her teacher (again, since it's the same one Izzy had a few years ago), got her lunch all packed up & sat in her assigned seat ready to get her learn on!  I got a little sad last night as I was telling her how she'll actually be sitting at a "big kids" table in the lunch room versus sitting at the parent table when we'd go eat with Izzy.  Just thinking about her sitting at the lunch table with her little friends made me sad...what's up with that?!?!

My baby is starting 3rd grade.  That's the other side of the school...that's big time baby!  Izzy was really excited about the 3rd grade, really excited for her teachers & that Maggie's in the same school now.  She even wanted Maggie to wear the same outfit as her, but Mags was having no part of it.  Izzy said, "Why don't you want to be twins with me Maggie?"  Maggie replied, "Because I want to wear a pretty skirt."  Izzy's just the old soul. :-)

My baby's a Senior.  A SENIOR!!!  She got her cap & gown pictures and her Senior yearbook pictures taken last week and it was pretty surreal to see those.  Wasn't she just graduating Kinder?  And now she's gonna be graduating for real in just over 9 months?!?!  OK, getting ahead of myself here.  I'm hoping Bec has a great Senior year with her friends & can truly appreciate what she has as a "kid" before entering the real world.  To quote Billy Madison, "Stay here. Stay as long as you can.  For the love of God, CHERISH IT!"

I have a lot of feelings about all of this right now... excited, scared, happy, anxious...but most of all proud!  Our girls are amazing & I know they'll be amazing today & all year!

I'm thinking I should've walked with Bec to one of her classes to take a pic like this!


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