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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm a Cool Mom ~ My Night Out With Mean Girls at Alamo Drafthouse #AlamoHouIsSoFetch

Sometimes I just love my job...or 2nd job...or whatever you want to call this amazeballs thing called Blogging. :-)

This past Saturday, about 10 bloggers & I got invited by Jenny at Integrate to a Blogger Girls Night out at Alamo Drafthouse to watch a "quote along" screening of Mean Girls.  Hello?!?!  Yes please...and let me just say, it was so fetch!  ;-)

We all met up at the Integrate office & had some pre-movie champagne sips before hopping on The Wave party bus that took us to the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy.  I met a lot of new faces...and some I had been following for a while.  Everyone had a blast chatting/posting/streaming/dancing all the way to Katy!

Once we got into the cinema, we had hot pink goody bags waiting for us in our reserved seats. (It was a packed house so make sure to get your tix early to events like this!)  Our bags had props to go along with the movie experience...A tiara (for prom), ugly teeth (for Halloween), a candy cane (for Jingle Bell Rock) & a popper for us all to POP when Ms. Regina George gets taken out by a bus!

Meg, Katie & I tied for Prom Queen! ;-)

Alamo Drafthouse participates in Houston Restaurant Weeks & our group was treated to Alamo's Houston Restaurant Weeks menu.  For my 1st course, I chose the Bottomless Popcorn because it's Vegan.
Just kidding.
Not because it's vegan.
I'm not vegan.
I got it because it was a bottomless bowl of popcorn!
And there was SO MUCH POPCORN in the bowl that this is what was left of my popcorn at the end of the movie!  I know...shameful!  Especially with that herb parmesan goodness sitting in that little bowl!  But add this along with the Torch Burger I got as my entree & cookies for my dessert...I was stuffed!  I should've brought a to-go bag with me! ;-)  (I'm only semi-joking!...actually, I'm not joking at all...I wish I had brought a to-go bag!) :-)

I had never been to a Quote-Along before & it was pretty neat.  There are some fun ones coming up at Alamo Spaceballs Quote-Along and Boy Band Sing-Along!!!  You should definitely go check out Alamo's calendar!

Back on The Wave to head home, the lights had been switched over to a glowy-blue.  Here are our "If we had taken these pics with our eyeballs, this is what they would look like" pics.  Just was the bus moving! :-)

Thanks to Jenny at Integrate for inviting us to this amazing event!  Can't wait to join yall again soon!

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  1. Love it. So glad you all had fun. We hope to catch you again soon.