Native Texan Livin': I'm Old(ish) Now

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Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Old(ish) Now

My birthday was yesterday & I'm feeling old...or oldish...or more like an adult or something.  I'm not in the next "tens" yet but am heading there & it's kinda freaking me out.

We had my birthday dinner here at the house Saturday night & requested my usual birthday meal of boiled crab legs!  Then yesterday, Bo & the girls gave me breakfast in bed and later we went shopping & had lunch with my mom.

I don't know if the age thing is bothering me or all the sadness I keep hearing about lately, but I felt really emotional all weekend.

SOOOOOOO, instead of focusing on all of that (or the fact that no one thought enough to want to take a picture with me all weekend & the only picture I do have is of me blowing out the candles & I look terrible) I will focus on how cool I was as a kid!  Hope you enjoy!

15 months old

"Lauren (18 mos) with her beloved french bread"
This is seriously what my mom wrote on the back of this pic!
I didn't realize my love for french bread was so deep! :-)

2 years old
(I think I heard this cake had so much frosting that it 
gave everyone diarrhea!  The only cake part is 
Big Bird's beak! LOL Just kidding!)

3 years old
Parties at McDonald's were the coolest!

4 years old
I definitely look like I'm up to something here!

May 1983...I'm 4 1/2 years old!  
Clearly I'm too old to be in this highchair...
and that bottle in the background was probably mine! ;-)
(I want that wallpaper!!!)

  Not just anybody can pull off a New Braunfels crop top shirt!

I have no words...really.
Although, according to Maggie, I look like my 
nephew Luke in this pic!  What do you think Val?!?! 
(don't show him this, it'll make him cry!)

 Always the jokester!  Wonder where Maggie gets it?!?!

6 years old
And in 1984, you weren't cool unless you were wearing a house coat!!!

No mom, I'm not making fun of you, our house or the way we dressed!  We were cool (according to us) and that's all that matters!

Happy birthday to me!  
Thanks to everyone who made my day special!


  1. I loved reminiscing with all your pics - almost made me cry . . . You were such a sweet baby who grew into a wonderful woman!

  2. you were adorable!!!! what happened ?!?!?! LOL!!! J/K !!!!

  3. Yes! I want to cry, too! I'm sorry we didn't think of taking pics this weekend, but we love you just the same, and am sooo glad we are all so close! Love you!