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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shutters & a Desk: ReDone

I've been spending a lot more time in our study/art room & as I look around the room, I want to re-do everything in it!  That desire then turns into me going to a store & realizing I needed 10 other cute things for my house.

Have yall ever been to a Habitat for Humanity store called ReStore?  It's really cool!  They sell just about everything.... from furniture, light fixtures, odds/ends, couches, cabinets, doors, jewelry, books & paint to appliances.  All of the proceeds go towards building for Habitat for Humanity so that's really great!

I went to our local ReStore a couple weeks ago & picked up 2 old shutters.  They were plastic, painted red with other paint splashed on it & were pretty dirty.  But at $4/each I couldn't pass them up!

Bo took a blower to them first to knock off all the dust & dirt & then I took a brush & soap to them.  Once the shutters were cleaned & dry I started painting.  I used Martha Stewart chalk paint in the color Brook.  I'm too cheap to buy a real Annie Sloane paint brush (or paint), so I bought a Martha Stewart brush that looks like the real deal.  I can't say for sure exactly how the A.S. brush works, but I'm hoping the bristles don't fall out like this M.S. one did.  Not impressed Martha.  Not impressed.

And of course, you can't pull out paint without the kids hearing the paint shaking, so I let them help paint. :-)  We did 2 coats of paint & let that dry overnight.

The next day, I used the palm sander to shabby chic it up a bit & to bring out the red.  All in all I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  I put them on top of my mantle & now I have to rearrange everything & figure out what to do with the rest of this giant space!

My 2nd project was to redo an old desk we bought Bec about 10+ years ago.  It was dirty & stained...but it was the desk I was going to be working on so it needed to be pretty.  :-)

Back to work with the same crappy brush, I used Martha Stewart chalk pain in Linen this time.  I painted 2 coats over the whole desk & let that dry.  Then my mom let me use some gold paint she had & I painted some of the trim.  The gold paint is Craft Smart Metallic Paint in Gold.  Then I lined the drawer in some contact paper I had to make it extra pretty!

I'd say my desk looks like a pimp now.  Every time I look at it I think it looks like its wearing a gold pinstriped suit with some blang blang!  ;-)  Just kidding!  But seriously, that's what I'm thinking!

All in all, I'm very happy with both pieces.

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