Native Texan Livin': Peter Pan 360 in Houston

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Peter Pan 360 in Houston

This past Sunday, we went to a performance of Peter Pan 360.  I've never been to anything like this before & as always...we had a great day together!

Before the show, we had lunch at a really cool spot called 100% Taquito.  It's off of 59 & Buffalo Speedway and the inside looks like the outside of a taco truck on the streets of Mexico!  Cool, right?!?!  The food was really authentic!  I had beef fajita street tacos on homemade corn tortillas with LOTS of onion, cilantro & lime!  Yum, now I'm hungry again!
Izzy & Maggie had fun looking at all the this taxi cab in the middle of the restaurant with manequins inside of it.  Maggie was actually a little nervous about it because they look so creepy, but she liked another car with puppies in it!
After lunch, we went straight to the theater for our show.  I guess it's a's a mobile theater tent they take from show to show & it's actually pretty cool!  You first walk in to the "experience" part which has concessions, souvenirs & a Peter Pan 360 backdrop for photos.  The whole thing is air conditioned &/or heated, depending on the weather outside.  I'm not sure if it was the tent or the piped in air or what, but we all kept shocking each other because there was so much static!  Outside of the Experience, there are outdoor couches & chairs to relax in before the show...and nice port-a-potty trailers too!
Yes, these were the best pics we could take! ;-)

www.nativetexanlivin.comThe show opened with "Irish street performers" playing songs for us while we all got into our seats.  We purchased our seats in section AA but then an employee came by saying our section was going to be closed for that performance so they were going to upgrade us into section B.  I guess it was an upgrade.  Our original seats would've kind of been behind the window & our new seats were directly on the side.  If I had done more research, I would've seen that the "front of the stage" is actually section C.  It didn't really make a HUGE difference where we sat because there really isn't a bad seat in the house.  It's a very small intimate venue & the 360 experience is literally all around you. (hence, the 360! ;-) )  But if we had been in section C, we would've had a straight-on view of them flying to Neverland vs. a side view of them.  Oh well, c'est la vie!

My friend Michelle had already warned me that there were some killings in the show so I was ready for one but NOT ready for Maggie to start crying when Wendy gets shot out of the sky by the lost boys.  Wendy gracefully lands on the stage holding the arrow in her chest & all of a sudden, Bo motions for me to look at Maggie & she's breaking down!  I calmed her down making sure she remembered that Wendy doesn't die & once we chanted, "I believe in fairies" a few times, Wendy comes back & all is well! :-)

Besides the tears, the girls had a great time...oh yeah & except for that jerk kid in front of us that kept telling Maggie to sssshhhhhhh!  (Of course, the same kid had no problems with her own talking during the show!)

I was kind of bummed we didn't have an opportunity to meet any of the cast members.  I kept seeing pictures of friends who had met the characters, but it turns out, they only do that after the last show of the day.  Once again, I didn't research it!

Oh well....Another Funday Sunday in the books!

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