Native Texan Livin': NCA National Championships - Dallas, TX

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NCA National Championships - Dallas, TX

This past weekend was the biggest weekend in the world of Cheer!  There were teams there from all over the world...England, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, China...and of course, Texas!!!

Our girls were performing Friday & Saturday afternoon, so we went to Dallas Thursday evening.  While the weather was great this year, I was scared history would repeat itself & didn't want to take the chance of snow slowing us down like it did last year.
It's not a party til you get kicked out of the "adults only" gym! :-) 

Thursday night, we got a group together & walked to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner.  The kids got a really up close & personal view of Downtown Dallas by seeing a cop arrest a guy, tussle with him a bit & ending with the cop throwing the guy over his shoulder & carrying him to the police car!  Then we basically walked through that scene of Lampoon Vacation where they "detour" through St. Louis.  You know, where Clark W. Griswold stops to ask for directions back to the expressway?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can watch it here.  Fair warning...there's cussing!  (Is it bad that I crack up every time I see this scene?!?!)  Needless to say, we were happy to have made it to the restaurant without any other incidents!
Maggie taking Bo's confession :-)
Cheer Moms & Grandmas
The kids with all their loot the dad's won them!
These "Big" signs are all over the place!
Maggie inevitably always falls asleep in the hotel lobby.  
Not sure was only 1am! ;-)

Friday morning, the girls played on the beds...because that's what you do in hotels.  They went swimming in the indoor heated pool & then we got ready for our first day of cheer.  After all was said & done, we had a team pizza party in the hotel while they watched Bring it On that the hotel had playing.  Most of the girls hadn't seen it yet (which was probably a good thing) but they spent most of the night stunting & flipping anyway. :-)

Saturday, the girls were ready to take the mat for their 2nd & final day!

We stopped at the bull exhibit at the convention center.  I'm sure it represents some sort of cattle drive in history but can't exactly remember.  Once again....we got kicked off the bulls because no climbing allowed.  We're starting to make a habit of getting kicked out & off of things! ;-)
The many face of Izzy!  I'm so glad she does her cheer facials!!! :-)
Done performing & so proud of Izzy & her team!

After 2 long days of competing, our girls pulled out the 3rd place out of 14 teams & we couldn't have been more proud!

After our awards, our team went to have dinner at Enchilada's, a Mexican Restaurant right next door to our hotel.  Bo booked the entire upstairs for our group of 50 & while that was awesome in & of itself, we got an EXTRA surprise when we saw VANILLA ICE at dinner!!!!!!  WHAT?!?!  IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?!  A couple moms thought they saw him downstairs but didn't want to bug him.  Another moms was like SCREW THAT, I'M ASKING!  And boy, are we glad she did!  He said yes, it was actually him & asked if we wanted a pic.  She said YES but to please finish his dinner first & then if he didn't mind, come upstairs so all the girls could take pics with him.

He was so nice & accomodating, taking pics with everyone that had a phone.  He even posed with all of us crazy cheer moms...his real fans!

What a great weekend!  We were exhausted by the time we got home & still haven't caught up on sleep yet, but the work was definitely worth it!

Until next year NCA...

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