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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar (+ Free Printables)

Prepping for Disney World is like prepping for the end of the world or the zombie apocalypse...but like, way more involved!

We are roughly a month away from being in the Happiest Place on Earth & I decided we waited long enough to start our countdown calendar! (I think last time we went in 2012, I started our countdown at over 2 months!)  Most of the countdown calendars I see are the chain links you tear off daily but I wanted to do something different.  Something more...Disney!  And what's one of the most iconic things about Disney World?  The Monorail!

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar

We made a Monorail course with a Monorail train to move from day to day, counting down our days & ending at Cinderella's Castle.  I found this really cute Monorail template & they had so many different color options.  The girls both decided on pink so we printed & cut it out, attached some popsicle sticks to the back & our Monorail was complete.

I found this pack of Disney scrapbook paper pack to print the rail & pillar templates on. (all templates listed below)  We mixed & matched and picked the paper we thought was cute & went with it. :-)  For Cinderella's Castle, I just found a picture I liked on the internet & printed that out.

Since most everyone knows how to cut on a straight line, I didn't do a step-by-step of that process.  (You're welcome!)  Instead, here are some pics of our completed project.

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar
We just taped the rails end to end to make our Monorail course

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar

Disney Monorail Countdown Calendar
Slide the monorail down behind each pillar for each day you countdown

Monorail & Rail Printables:
Monorail cars - multiple color options  I grouped some together on 1 sheet so it would be easier to print & choose the one you want.  Or you can always cut the Monorail in half & mix/match the colors. :-)
Monorail Rails - no color
Monorail Rails - gray
Monorail Rails & Monorail Pillars if you want to save some paper & tape them together.

Do you have a Disney trip coming up?  How far out do you start planning?  I'm wondering if it's too early to get our suitcases out!  ;-)

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