Native Texan Livin': Easter Weekend Festivities 2016

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Weekend Festivities 2016

I hope everyone's Easter holiday was as great as ours was.  Lots of food & lots of time with family always ends in a great time! :-)

On Thursday, Maggie had an egg hunt at school .  Each egg is marked 1 thru 12 & the kids have to collect all 12 eggs in number order.  :-)  Learning AND time consuming! :-)

Friday, we had our annual Good Friday crawfish boil.  Bo got up bright & early and was standing in line at 5:30am at HEB to get our bugs.  And yes, you heard me right... he was STANDING IN A LINE at 5:30am!

Now, don't go calling PETA on us because we like to play with our live crawfish!  No crawfish were harmed during this photo shoot...until they were plunged into boiling water for our eating pleasure!

Is this thing for real?

Dinner is served!!!!!!!

Good Friday was also my dad's birthday, so we celebrated him as well!

Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs at my dad's house.

Need eggs?!?!

Easter Sunday the girls woke up bright & early to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.  The Easter bunny filled up those giant eggs with lots of goodies for the girls! :-)

Sweet girls ready for church

After church, the kids did their Easter egg hunt at The Watson's & then had an amazing brunch!

 The kids checking out their loot

Around lunch time, we went to my mom's house for part 2 of Easter.  Lots more delicious food & fun family time! :-)

Is she tall or are we short?!?!  OK, maybe it's the heels. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Easter weekend festivities.  I warned yall before that I love lots of pictures to tell my stories. :-)

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