Native Texan Livin': What I'm Bringing to the Wings Over Houston Airshow

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I'm Bringing to the Wings Over Houston Airshow

We're heading out to our first Airshow this weekend & I'm SUPER excited!  While some people can just walk out the door & be like, "Just woke up, I'm ready to go," with kids in tow, it's best to be a bit more prepared.

I've actually never been to the Wings Over Houston Airshow before but I do know one's gonna be hot!  Actually, there's supposed to be a front pushing through this week, so fingers crossed that the forecast stays as scheduled, which is to be chilly in the morning & top out at just under 80°! :-)

From my understanding, there will be lots of traffic, long lines, lots of crowds & lots of think Disney World but with no rides. ;-)  Oooh, maybe I can finagle my way onto a ride in one of the Blue Angels!  (hey, a girl can dream!)

So, besides the patience, here's my list of things we'll be bringing with us to make this an easy breezy afternoon!

ear muffs &/or ear plugs - It's gonna be loud with the jets engines & the show explosions & I don't want to hear it...from my kids!

wagon - Bo & I aren't pack mules, so we prefer a little rolling box on 4 wheels to tote around the kids & stuff in. :-)

folding chairs - We have general admission tickets which means there's no reserved seating.

hats & sunglasses - It's in Houston.  The sun will be shining.  And it'll be hot.

sunscreen - Still in Houston.  I'm not a doctor but I heard one time that the sun can burn ya.  Wear sunscreen.

spray bottle fans - Did I mention we're taking the kids?  To an outdoor event?  In Houston?  With no shade?  With the kids?!

cash - There will be lots of vendors selling food & merchandise.  And we're not ones to NOT buy souvenirs! (I wonder if I'll be able to find an ornament?!)
water & snacks - The FAQ section of the airshow site says we can bring stuff in as long as it's not in a cooler & has to be in a clear bag.  I'm sure I'll bring some goldfish or something but we also like to spend money on concessions, so I probably won't be loaded down with snacks. :-)

Have you been to an Airshow before?  What else am I missing?  Anything not on my list that I need to bring?  I can't wait to see all the planes & jets close up!  I'll be back next week with how it all went! :-)

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