Native Texan Livin': Zaycon Fresh Chicken: My Experience

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Zaycon Fresh Chicken: My Experience

*Disclaimer*   This post is full of raw chicken but there's no chance of getting salmonella from it! :-)

I did something a couple weeks ago I never thought I'd do.
(Although my husband's probably not surprised!)

I bought chicken.

In a church parking lot.

From the back of a truck.

Now, mind you, I ordered this chicken on purpose & "the truck" was a rather large refrigerated truck full of boxes chicken for me and a bunch of other people. :-)
Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts

Have you ever heard of Zaycon Fresh Food?  I kept hearing how amazing & fresh the chicken is & how much you get for your money.  This was my first time to order Zaycon Fresh Chicken & I wasn't sure how the process was going to work.

Zaycon Fresh doesn't offer all the food all the time.  So when I saw the 40lb. box of boneless, skinless chicken breasts were back up, I started looking for a coupon code but there weren't any available at that time, so I kept waiting.  A deal finally popped up to purchase at $1.49/lb!  Score!  Each pickup location has a preset delivery date & time window, so I chose the location closest to me where I wanted to pick up & that's it.  Now we wait.  I waited a couple weeks until my delivery date came up.

The pickup was SUPER EASY!  I drove to my designated location, there were signs in the parking lot telling you exactly where to go & I got in line.  I was probably 7 cars back & the distribution went quickly.  I pulled up, told the delivery person my name, he told another person how many boxes to pull for me, they loaded it directly into my trunk on top of a plastic liner & that's it...I was done!
Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts

I got home with my big box of chicken & we dug right in.  There were 4 big bags of chicken in the box.  The box was lined with a thick blue plastic, so although the individual bags of chicken inside weren't sealed shut, there was no spillage through the box.
Box of Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts

Inside the box of Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts
(spillage in the bag...not the box)

Individual bag of Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts

I grabbed a glass of wine & my freshly sharpened Henckels knife & got to work!  While I did leave some of the breasts whole, I was able to fillet most of them in half or thirds!  That's a lot of chicken!  I cut the chicken & Bo bagged the chicken in lots of freezer bags.  We filled each bag with about 5 chicken breasts so we can just grab 1 bag at a time when we're ready to make a meal!  All in all, it took about an hour from start to finish.  Not too bad.
Wine, Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts & Henckels knife

Grabbing a bag of chicken that's already cut to size & has all the fat trimmed has been pretty nice.  I think I'd definitely order from Zaycon Fresh again if we ever run out of chicken! ;-)  Now to start gathering lots of chicken recipes!  Please feel free to send LOTS of recipes my way if you have a favorite!

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